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22 Nov

WYSIWYG editors

Free Javascript WYSIWYG Editors

I had to create a website for a client recently who wanted to be able to edit the content/links on their pages. And I found these which are perfect… and as always FREE!!!

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30 Sep

tv vs internet icon

Internet overtakes TV advertising

Just heard a little bit of interesting news. Apparently for the first time the amount spent advertising on the internet/online has overtaken TV advertising.

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23 Sep

css icon grafxflow

CSS the Basics

Thought I would put a few basics of CSS on the blog for beginners…

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15 Sep

apple mail icon grafxflow

Transfer Apple Mail settings manually

Just had some trouble with my laptop harddrive recently breaking and was transferring all my files… just before it was completely gone. And finally after ages trying to sort my email accounts and messages managed to solve the problem. So just incase you ever need to do the same, which I hope you don’t.

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22 Jul

final cut icon grafxflow

SmoothCam not working in Final Cut Pro 7


If you keep importing clips into Final Cut Pro 7 and try to add the SmoothCam video filter. But nothing happens. Here is probably what is causing the problem.

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