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11 Aug

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What does !important mean in CSS?

Just a nice little work around I found out about for ie6 and CSS integration and helps get around CSS validation.

Here is the scenario, I have a button in png format but I have also created a gif version for ie6.

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18 Jul

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FREE archive footage for Final Cut

I am sure there have been times when working on an edit you wish you had access to a diverse choice of footage, and then do a search for “free footage” on the web only to find pages and pages saying “royalty-free footage” which as we all know have a price tag/cost attached, which is fair enough.

But there are websites out there that do have completely free stock footage.

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20 Apr

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Problem putting C4D to sleep

(UPDATE: This only works for older versions of c4d like V10)

There will be times when Cinema 4D is rendering and your monitor screen will be on for hours. And if you try and change the settings on your mac to put the screen to sleep it does nothing. Well do the following.

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25 Mar

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HTML Special Characters

Here are is a list of the most commonly used HTML Special Characters (of which there are many others)… They range from the pound sign to the question mark.

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24 Mar

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Nice websites for icons

You are creating a website and are in need of some nice icons (rss, twitter etc) or even some inspiration.

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