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30 Aug

Zodiac Deus Ex logo

Install Deus Ex Zodiac with Wineskin on Mac OS X

Zodiac is a Deus Ex MOD which is a set of six single player missions for Deus Ex 1. A little rundown on the MOD is that it takes place just after JC Denton leaves Tracer Tong to find clues at the Versalife building in Hong Kong. You play the part of Paul Denton and it takes you to the CIA headquarters in Langley through to Buenos Aires.

If you want to install this, first you need to install Deus Ex (Read the tutorial here). This is just a short post to get it to install and work on a Mac Wineskin installation.

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10 Aug

bootstrap icon grafxflow

Bootstrap 3 custom number of columns in grids

When designing and developing with Bootstrap 3 – by default it has always been a case of working with its 12 column grid. But now and then you may have a layout which requires a custom number of equal columns such as 5 which won’t work… so what can be done with Bootstrap 3 to get around this?

For this example I want to show 5 equal columns but only for screen sizes tablets and wider. The reason being I can’t imagine using 5 equal columns for smaller mobile screens, but if required it could be done.

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09 Aug

bootstrap icon grafxflow

Bootstrap 4, 3 and 2 css @media rules widths

Along with Font Awesome I nearly always use the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework for responsive website development. It allows a quicker workflow than starting from scratch.

But nearly always in a project there are needs to create custom CSS for things like different font sizes etc. So it’s always good to know what widths Bootstrap is using in its own css @media rules.

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02 Aug

20 free fonts thumbnail

20 of the Best Web Font icons

Whether you are a developer or a designer for the web, it’s always nice to have a collection of icons to use plus ones that can implemented direct with CSS.

The advantage is they stay crisp/sharp no matter what the screen size plus you can change the size and colours easily with CSS without any image processing.

I have listed 20 of the best free fonts on the web. Hope you find them handy… I do!

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01 Aug

angularjs logo

AngularJS and CRUD data binding

So lets start with what are AngularJS and CRUD?

First AngularJS (AngularJS link) is made by google, and is the new popular way of data manipulation (and more) direct in html with minimum code.

Second is the term CRUD which is an acronym for create, read, update and delete which simply relates to major functions that are implemented in relation to controlling data in applications.

With the tutorial you will be learning:

  • How to loop through an array of data and update a tables rows with this data
  • How to add a button to delete individual rows from the table
  • How to add a button to edit individual rows from the table
  • How to add a button to add new rows of data to a table

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