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03 May


Ignore .DS_store files when uploading in Dreamweaver

I am sure other developers like me when uploading websites via ‘Dreamweaver CC‘ will find there are plenty of the ‘.DS_Store‘ files uploaded as well. I am also guessing when trying to find a solution via a google search it will bring back plenty of results relating to the terminal option of deleting the files before you upload them. But there is a much easier option in ‘Dreamweaver CC’.

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30 Apr

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WordPress Custom Ajax Contact Form

Most people are aware of the plugins for WordPress that help you create forms – Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms etc. But what about building your own custom ajax contact form using the admin-ajax WordPress functions. Well here is a starter tutorial which I have created where I am guessing you already know the basics of how to create custom themes and pages in WordPress.

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