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09 Jul

Columbo Episodes

I have always liked the good old Columbo series repeated most weekends on TV more or less! But there are some episodes I like and some that I don’t. So as a quick reminder of which ones they are, I have placed the episodes with an image of the murderer Columbo has to catch out.

I also can’t take the credit for the descriptions since I just copied them from the official DVD boxset containers.

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20 Sep

apple map icon grafxflow

Apples new mapping system getting worldwide complaints

It was only back in June 2012 that apple announced to the world that they would be ditching Google Maps in order to use their own iOS 6 mapping system. But already there are worldwide complaints…

I was very excited to update my iPad 3 to OS6.

Having used the maps software in conjunction with the calendar, logging my appointments for the next day, you can gather how disappointed I am with the rubbish that has replaced Google Maps.

This had better be sorted out pretty quickly as I will be going over to a Android tablet, as this has become unusable for me!

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17 Sep

american hotrod logo

American Hotrod Episodes and Crew

American Hotrod logo

Since I started watching American Hotrod over the last year or so on the Quest channel(UK), I have to admit to becoming quite addicted to viewing the daily, almost hourly conflict and firing/leaving of several members of the crew… of which I think the series was best known for!

But when I searched on the internet for more information on the American Hotrod series, such as episodes and characters it was a bit hit and miss. So I have compiled what I found for my own (and your) reference.

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28 May

c64 commodore icon grafxflow

Jack Tramiel (Commodore founder) has died

Jack Tramiel
13th December 1928 – 8th April 2012 (Aged 83)

I know this is a bit late in the day and the name Jack Tramiel is an unknown to many… as it was to myself. But he was the founder of the classic and my first ever computer the Commodore 64, also known as the C64.

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26 Oct

steve jobs icon grafxflow

Steve Jobs, Apple ‘visionary’ (1955 – 2011)

It is a sad day for many Apple followers or as myself an Apple user.

Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple and longtime CEO has sadly passed away today at the age of 56.

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