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07 Jun

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Could not load Date & Time preference pane

I recently transferred my old Macbook Pro content to my new Macbook Pro using Time Machine transfer. All the data went across fine but one thing I noticed was the date and time was out by an hour. Then when trying to change the settings in System Preferences -> Date & Time I would get the following popup with the message ‘Could Not load Date & Time preference pane‘. After many hours of searching I found the answer… or at least it worked for me.

Mac OS Issue

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11 Mar

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Show hidden files on Apple Mac

Sometimes is handy to view those hidden files on your mac. The files that usually start with a ‘.’ such as ‘.example_file_name’.

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07 Nov

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Adding an email template for apple mac

Here is how to import and use your own html template in the apple mac

NOTE: This is based on Mac OS 10.6 so unsure about earlier versions of Mac OS.

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20 Sep

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Apples new mapping system getting worldwide complaints

It was only back in June 2012 that apple announced to the world that they would be ditching Google Maps in order to use their own iOS 6 mapping system. But already there are worldwide complaints…

I was very excited to update my iPad 3 to OS6.

Having used the maps software in conjunction with the calendar, logging my appointments for the next day, you can gather how disappointed I am with the rubbish that has replaced Google Maps.

This had better be sorted out pretty quickly as I will be going over to a Android tablet, as this has become unusable for me!

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03 Nov

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Apple Quick Keys and what they mean

Ever had those tutorials showing mac quick keys only to read option, command key etc. So here is a quick reference…

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