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21 Sep

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FREE Final Cut plugins / filters

If you like adding plugins/filters to Final Cut Pro, you will enjoy this great list of FREE plugins. They range from video enhancements, transitions and more.

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02 Sep

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Convert videos to ogv format with Apple Mac

UPDATE (10 AUG 2014): I have now found a FREE open-source Mac OS X App (NOT one of those 30 trial apps which flood google pages!) which not only converts OGV but MP4, WebM (vp8) called ‘Miro Video Converter’ found here. But by all means if you wish to learn how to do this via the terminal read on…

Ever since html5 has been out, there has been speculation about the video format everyone has to agree on using the <video></video> element. Unfortunately nothing has been okayed so you have to convert to one or more of the following codecs mp4, ogv and WebM.

The problem I had using a Mac was for a long time there wasn’t any easy way to create ogv videos… until now.

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11 May

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Adobe updates CS5 to CS5.5!

Adobe has updated CS5 to CS5.5. The main focus that the updates offer are for mobile applications, so how apple will react is anyones guess! Also Microsoft are playing the same game buying Skype… could be an interesting next few years on the mobile device front.

Creative Suite 5.5 Family Boxset

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18 Jul

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FREE archive footage for Final Cut

I am sure there have been times when working on an edit you wish you had access to a diverse choice of footage, and then do a search for “free footage” on the web only to find pages and pages saying “royalty-free footage” which as we all know have a price tag/cost attached, which is fair enough.

But there are websites out there that do have completely free stock footage.

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22 Jul

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SmoothCam not working in Final Cut Pro 7


If you keep importing clips into Final Cut Pro 7 and try to add the SmoothCam video filter. But nothing happens. Here is probably what is causing the problem.

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