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05 Mar

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Import CSV into WP-eshop Magento error

I recently updated some CSV files in Excel (on my mac) then tried to import the CSV files into WordPress eshop, but I kept getting back error messages. Plus I also had the same issue with a different CSV file in Magento.

I presumed that when saving the file using the Mac version of Excel, it was changing something in the CSV file format which was causing the error. Anyway I found a very easy solution!

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20 Sep

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Apples new mapping system getting worldwide complaints

It was only back in June 2012 that apple announced to the world that they would be ditching Google Maps in order to use their own iOS 6 mapping system. But already there are worldwide complaints…

I was very excited to update my iPad 3 to OS6.

Having used the maps software in conjunction with the calendar, logging my appointments for the next day, you can gather how disappointed I am with the rubbish that has replaced Google Maps.

This had better be sorted out pretty quickly as I will be going over to a Android tablet, as this has become unusable for me!

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26 Oct

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Steve Jobs, Apple ‘visionary’ (1955 – 2011)

It is a sad day for many Apple followers or as myself an Apple user.

Steve Jobs one of the founders of Apple and longtime CEO has sadly passed away today at the age of 56.

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05 Feb

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Delete/Wipe Messenger account on Mac

UPDATE: As from the 15 March 2013 Microsoft are stopping support for Messenger and transferring all Messenger accounts to Skype.


If there is a Apple Mac that has Microsoft Messenger and the user account needs deleting and wiping. This is how to do it?

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06 Sep

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Netscape has gone the way of explorer for the apple mac

I was just wondering if Netscape had been updated for Mac OS… only to find on their link that it’s been ditched (around March 1st 2008) or officially ‘End of Support’.

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