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03 May


Ignore .DS_store files when uploading in Dreamweaver

I am sure other developers like me when uploading websites via ‘Dreamweaver CC‘ will find there are plenty of the ‘.DS_Store‘ files uploaded as well. I am also guessing when trying to find a solution via a google search it will bring back plenty of results relating to the terminal option of deleting the files before you upload them. But there is a much easier option in ‘Dreamweaver CC’.

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01 Aug

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AngularJS and CRUD data binding

So lets start with what are AngularJS and CRUD?

First AngularJS (AngularJS link) is made by google, and is the new popular way of data manipulation (and more) direct in html with minimum code.

Second is the term CRUD which is an acronym for create, read, update and delete which simply relates to major functions that are implemented in relation to controlling data in applications.

With the tutorial you will be learning:

  • How to loop through an array of data and update a tables rows with this data
  • How to add a button to delete individual rows from the table
  • How to add a button to edit individual rows from the table
  • How to add a button to add new rows of data to a table

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27 Mar

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Remove the ‘Private:’ title for private posts

If you are creating private pages or posts for certain members to view, you will notice by default WordPress adds ‘Private:‘ to the title. So the title ‘Secret Page/Post‘ will actually be ‘Private: Secret Page/Post‘. This is not necessarily what you want the user to see.

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04 Oct

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Remove author info at bottom of blog posts

Here is how you remove the authors information which will appear at the end of each blog post. It’s the box which contains the admin image and admin description etc.

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