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06 Jan

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Scanstyles does nothing in Webkit/Firefox/Opera – Fix

I had a client contact me with an email containing the following screenshot of a popup which has suddenly appeared when viewing their website with certain browsers – a website which has been up and live for over 12 months with no issues.

Scanstyles does nothing in Webkit/Firefox/Opera

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01 Oct

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Making CSS alpha opacity work in all browsers

Most modern browsers can accept the CSS->opacity, but for Internet Explorer 8 or below you have to use the CSS->filter:alpha.

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27 Mar

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Firefox issue with spaces in excel download file name

Recently I was working on an php class to save down an excel file from a database. And the client got back to me saying the filename was the wrong format and had no extension. So I asked them to send me the file.

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06 Sep

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Netscape has gone the way of explorer for the apple mac

I was just wondering if Netscape had been updated for Mac OS… only to find on their link that it’s been ditched (around March 1st 2008) or officially ‘End of Support’.

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