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30 Oct


Find and replace crashes Dreamweaver CC on Mac

I recently had an issue when running Dreamweaver CC 2015 – with it constantly crashing on my mac when trying to use its ‘Find and Replace‘. The ‘Find and Replace’ popup would not appear and the app would just crash giving me a report error message popup instead! So I looked all across the web and did everything such as deleting several files in the user folder… trying to install it from scratch. But sadly nothing worked and it still kept on crashing.

But then I tried running the app using the ‘root‘ user and it worked fine which gave me the clue where to start looking. So here is my solution.

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23 Jan

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Opencart Product Import/Export not appearing in menu fix

I was working on a clients OpenCart site for which they had purchased the following plugin to bulk export and import their products.

(VQMod)Product Import Export-Bulk Insert Update Download Product (v0.2 – support multi language)

I had followed all the installation instructions exactly, but when in the administration it didn’t appear in the menu. Yet when manually changing the url to (admin/index.php?route=catalog/productimportexport&token=…) it would show the actual link page and functioned perfectly.

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06 Jan

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Scanstyles does nothing in Webkit/Firefox/Opera – Fix

I had a client contact me with an email containing the following screenshot of a popup which has suddenly appeared when viewing their website with certain browsers – a website which has been up and live for over 12 months with no issues.

Scanstyles does nothing in Webkit/Firefox/Opera

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25 Jul

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Reset cookies expiry date is not working in php

While recently working on a website I was trying to unset a cookie by resetting its expiry date back an hour using setcookie. But for some reason it would not work. Here is the code I was trying…

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05 Mar

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Import CSV into WP-eshop Magento error

I recently updated some CSV files in Excel (on my mac) then tried to import the CSV files into WordPress eshop, but I kept getting back error messages. Plus I also had the same issue with a different CSV file in Magento.

I presumed that when saving the file using the Mac version of Excel, it was changing something in the CSV file format which was causing the error. Anyway I found a very easy solution!

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