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02 Aug

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20 of the Best Web Font icons

Whether you are a developer or a designer for the web, it’s always nice to have a collection of icons to use plus ones that can implemented direct with CSS.

The advantage is they stay crisp/sharp no matter what the screen size plus you can change the size and colours easily with CSS without any image processing.

I have listed 20 of the best free fonts on the web. Hope you find them handy… I do!

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15 Apr

fonts icon grafxflow

Free Alternative Web Font to Gotham and Proxima Nova

I just had a studio design a website concept visual which used the Gotham font (also similar to Proxima Nova) and to officially use it on the website as a CSS font-family it would have to be purchased from www.typography.com/fonts/gotham/overview/. Sadly it wasn’t within the projects budget so after searching and testing several alternatives from the web I managed to find a FREE version called Montserrat.

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21 Sep

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FREE Final Cut plugins / filters

If you like adding plugins/filters to Final Cut Pro, you will enjoy this great list of FREE plugins. They range from video enhancements, transitions and more.

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11 Sep

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Where to Find Free Fonts for CSS @font-face

Over the last few years I have started to use custom based fonts for my CSS which gives more freedom when designing with @font-face CSS. Here is a list of some great websites which offer free to download fonts, and more importantly free from legal implications from using them on your website.

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18 Jul

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FREE archive footage for Final Cut

I am sure there have been times when working on an edit you wish you had access to a diverse choice of footage, and then do a search for “free footage” on the web only to find pages and pages saying “royalty-free footage” which as we all know have a price tag/cost attached, which is fair enough.

But there are websites out there that do have completely free stock footage.

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