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12 Jan

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Block spam comments with the htaccess

As all WordPress administrators know the constant issue with new spam and having to block spam comments can become irritating on a daily basis. Most plugins you find will actually just add a captcha code (random generated code) to the comment form or other similar options. But the real issue is that automated spam usually bypass this altogether and goto the following file on the server – ‘wp-comments-post.php‘. As long as a post has the option to leave comments then that’s all they need.

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01 Oct

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301 Redirect urls using htaccess

Have you ever created a new website for a client and needed to forward old url pages to their new urls, in order to update google and the other search engines.

 Example 1.


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01 Jan

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Changing default error pages with htaccess

Nice little trick for replacing the default error pages that can appear on your server. Just add this to your .htaccess file.

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05 Jul

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Helpful htaccess creation

I have been told about a website which has a nice little tool for helping in the creation of htaccess files.

Very… very handy.


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