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11 Sep

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Changing a Joomla email link cloaking CSS color

Joomla has by default a plugin called Email Cloaking which replaces any email on the content with javascript to stop spam. I have noticed this brings one problem with regards to changing the hyperlinks colour.

At first the easy way is to add the following to the css:

This works fine across the whole website but what if you wanted to give the hyperlinks different colours. Maybe giving the hyperlinks their own CSS class like…

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03 Sep

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WordPress search older posts goes to home page

I recently had an issue when doing a search on a WordPress site. It worked on the first page of results but once I clicked the Older posts it would take me back to the home page.

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20 Apr

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Problem putting C4D to sleep

(UPDATE: This only works for older versions of c4d like V10)

There will be times when Cinema 4D is rendering and your monitor screen will be on for hours. And if you try and change the settings on your mac to put the screen to sleep it does nothing. Well do the following.

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20 Mar

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Apple Mail not deleting problem


You may have an issue when trying to delete old messages going back a few years in your Apple Mail but…

  1. You try deleting them, they just become grey highlights.
  2. You try dragging them to trash, nothing happens.
  3. You try disk utility and repair disk permissions but still nothing.

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20 Feb

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Joomla JXTC Deluxe News Module link Problem

Just a quick note to anyone having the same problem.

I had to do a joomla website and used the ‘JXTC Deluxe News Module’. Seemed easy enough to copy and paste from the code examples. But when selecting the images they didn’t use the correct URL link for the article.


instead of


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