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03 May


Ignore .DS_store files when uploading in Dreamweaver

I am sure other developers like me when uploading websites via ‘Dreamweaver CC‘ will find there are plenty of the ‘.DS_Store‘ files uploaded as well. I am also guessing when trying to find a solution via a google search it will bring back plenty of results relating to the terminal option of deleting the files before you upload them. But there is a much easier option in ‘Dreamweaver CC’.

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07 Oct

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Installing Laravel 5.2 on Mac OS X with MAMP

Okay you would have to be living on a different planet not to be aware of the MVC framework called Laravel, but unlike other MVC’s it not a simple case of download and install. It requires the use of the Mac OS X terminal and it is fairly easy. Here is a step by step ‘how to‘ for using with MAMP.

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11 Mar

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Show hidden files on Apple Mac

Sometimes is handy to view those hidden files on your mac. The files that usually start with a ‘.’ such as ‘.example_file_name’.

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02 Sep

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Convert videos to ogv format with Apple Mac

UPDATE (10 AUG 2014): I have now found a FREE open-source Mac OS X App (NOT one of those 30 trial apps which flood google pages!) which not only converts OGV but MP4, WebM (vp8) called ‘Miro Video Converter’ found here. But by all means if you wish to learn how to do this via the terminal read on…

Ever since html5 has been out, there has been speculation about the video format everyone has to agree on using the <video></video> element. Unfortunately nothing has been okayed so you have to convert to one or more of the following codecs mp4, ogv and WebM.

The problem I had using a Mac was for a long time there wasn’t any easy way to create ogv videos… until now.

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