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13 Apr

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Bootstrap 3 hide menus dropdown arrow

Here is a quick and easy way of hiding the drop down arrow that appears on a Bootstrap 3 parent menu option/item. The reasons you may want to do this, are maybe due to the design not not having one or you may also want to make the parent option clickable so taking you to another page.

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12 Oct

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PHP code for outputting twitter RSS feed

UPDATE: THIS SCRIPT NO LONGER WORKS DUE TO TWITTER DROPPING SUPPORT FOR RSS FEED! Read this new article about Adding a Twitter feed APP to WordPress.

Here is a PHP script for bringing in a twitter RSS feed to your website. It does repeat a few functions several times to check whether the twitter feed is empty/dead.

It allows you to:

  • Backup the RSS feed to your server as an xml file.
  • Schedule how often the backup is created.
  • Set the number of feeds to output.

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11 Oct

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Is it the end of RSS feeds for the web?

For many years we have all been using our RSS feeds to update our followers.

But now with the likes of Facebook and Twitter unceremoniously ditching RSS, it is probably an early warning that others will follow. Even apple since Mac OS 10.7 have for the first time dropped support for RSS feed reading in Safari 6, it now gets transferred to the mail app.

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10 Oct

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Twitter RSS url feed can’t be read… FIX

Quick Note: (UPDATED 05 MARCH 2013) This RSS url will cease working in March 2013! So I suggest NOT using this RSS feed url. I am now using the Twitter API1.1 so therefore my old RSS feed was last working on the 01 March 2013. Read this new article about Adding a Twitter feed APP to WordPress.

The problem which I had with my twitter RSS feed was that it suddenly stopped working. So after searching around on the web… here is the solution I found.

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24 Mar

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Nice websites for icons

You are creating a website and are in need of some nice icons (rss, twitter etc) or even some inspiration.

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