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12 Jan, 2010



Duplicate object in C4D

You may want to copy and paste an object in the object window in C4D, if you have tried using the quick-keys (Apple + C) copy and (Apple + V) paste. It causes an issue/problem by placing the pasted object at the top of the object window, which can be very annoying when there are loads of objects.

OKAY... Grab the object you want to duplicate and hold the ctrl key at the same time. The icon should change to a plus(+) sign or 2 overlapping boxes depending on which version of C4D you are using - see below image. Then you can place it anywhere.

Duplicate Object C4D

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    28 May 2013
    Thank you very much :) really appreciate XD
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    waleed hegazy

    25 Jun 2014
    thanks for you :)
  3. avatar


    25 Jun 2014
    Always glad to help the creative community.
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    09 Jul 2014
    Thanx so much !! :)
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    21 Aug 2014
    Ummm for some reason this isnt working for me..
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    21 Aug 2014
    Are you keeping the 'ctrl' pressed while moving the duplicated object?
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    21 Sep 2014
    that you so much bro
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    29 Sep 2014
    How do I do this, without creating an instance of the duplicated object?

    When I modify the duplicated object, and change it's material (for example) the previous object will change as well.

    Any pointers much appreciated!
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    29 Sep 2014
    Hi Lindsay,

    Are you duplicating the object with the material already added. If so only the object is duplicated not the material. So they will still be sharing the same material and its attributes and any changes will affect both.

    So if needed, copy the material and drag and drop it over the duplicated objects material. All the attributes should stay the same such as tiling etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    26 Sep 2017
    Thank you very much
  11. avatar


    27 Sep 2017
    Always glad to help Mahood.
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    22 Jan 2018
    when I use the ctrl click drag technique my objects all snap together at each others centers instead of the object being left where I released the mouse.
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    03 Jun 2018
    thanks so much
  14. avatar


    03 Jun 2018
    Your welcome :)

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