22 Mar

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Replace WordPress@ as sender on emails

You will notice that when you activate the register/login option in WordPress that all the emails that it generates, such as Forgotten Password, Register have the following email address as the sender. Not the best of ideas especially if you have a shop to run. So here is the solution without using a plugin.

1. In admin goto Appearance->Editor.

2. Then choose Theme Functions (functions.php) from the templates listing on the right.

3. Now add the following code at the bottom, remembering to change to your replacement email.

//notification mail email change

function custom_email_from($mail) {
    $mail = ''; // Replace the email address here //
    return $mail;

//notification name change; optional

function custom_email_from_name($name) {
    $name = get_bloginfo('wpurl');//or put your own text here
    return $name;
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