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22 Mar, 2013



Replace WordPress@ as sender on emails

You will notice that when you activate the register/login option in WordPress that all the emails that it generates, such as Forgotten Password, Register have the following email address WordPress@your_website.com as the sender. Not the best of ideas especially if you have a shop to run. So here is the solution without using a plugin.

1. In admin goto Appearance->Editor.

2. Then choose Theme Functions (functions.php) from the templates listing on the right.

3. Now add the following code at the bottom, remembering to change to your replacement email.

//notification mail email change

function custom_email_from($mail) {
    $mail = 'replacement_email@your_website.com'; // Replace the email address here //
    return $mail;

//notification name change; optional

function custom_email_from_name($name) {
    $name = get_bloginfo('wpurl');//or put your own text here
    return $name;

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