30 Sep

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Internet overtakes TV advertising

Just heard a little bit of interesting news. Apparently for the first time the amount spent advertising on the internet/online has overtaken TV advertising.

I don't think it will have a massive knock on effect for television advertising as we know it, since its not as easy as comparing one company vs another. Also I would suggest that the Internet and TV are both used for a large percentage of the same advertising campaigns.

But as for the future of the newspaper advertising industry the future may not be looking too good. When was the last time I went out of my way to read a newspaper (even if it was free).... to be truthful I can't remember. The print industry is slowly migrating across to the web, but perhaps a bit too late. Lets face it, are you going to pay for newspaper style articles on the web? When I suspect a quick search on google brings back several pages containing the same story.

Nobody can deny that the world recession has shaped the sudden migration over the last few years for companies toward e-commerce, which simply is cheaper. But lets not also forget the jumps in technology and trends (i.e bbc iplayer, youtube, facebook etc). The days of an internet marketing campaign being a gif banner on a website home page are long gone.

Lets also compare television vs web using the news as an example. Back in the day when Princess Diane died all the television channels covered it 24/7. Yet when Michael Jackson passed away the same news channels were taking their feed from the web. A complete role reversal.

I will end it there since its me mumbling on...

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  1. 30 Sep


    Robbie C

    Comparing the two.

    1. TV with advertisements between programs


    2. The internet which covers much more from banners, links, virals etc etc.

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