The Rockford Files TV Movies

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The Rockford Files TV Movies

I decided to track down and view The Rockford Files TV Movies which still have a taste of the original TV show. Many of the original cast are back again which is an extra bonus and they play their parts perfectly as they did back in the 70's (I have listed them below).

The TV movies pick-up nearly 15 years later from when the TV show ended, but it's also good to note that this may never have happened if the legal disputes between Garner and Universal hadn't been resolved.

The Rockford Files TV Movies Listings


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I Still Love L.A.

The famed P.I. works to uncover facts of the death of a wealthy socialite whose two grown children are accused of murdering her. Complicating matters are Rockford's omnipresent "friend" Angel, and Rockford's ex-wife Kit, a lawyer who represents the children.

5 / 5

Broadcast: 17th November 1994

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A Blessing in Disguise

An aging easygoing private eye is hired to protect an actress whose latest movie is being boycotted by a group of religious fanatics.

4.5 / 5

Broadcast: 10th May 1995

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If the Frame Fits...

When Jim is arrested in the death of a rival private investigator, it is left to Jim to prove his own innocence, with the help of Jess Wilding, an old friend of Rocky's, which Jim never knew about.

4.5 / 5

Broadcast: 14th January 1996

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Godfather Knows Best

Out for an evening of fun, Jim finds Dennis' son homeless on the street. After giving him some money, lining up an apartment, and getting him a job, Jim soon finds out, as well as much to Dennis' dismay, that there is more wrong with Scotty than simply being on hard luck.

Broadcast: 18th February 1996

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Friends and Foul Play

Rockford gets schooled in a new type of deviant when he enrolls in a Criminal Behavior class in order to discover who killed a friend's son.

Broadcast: 23rd April 1996

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Punishment and Crime

Love is in the air when Rockford rekindles a romance with a blind woman whose cousin is being threatened by devious forces in the Russian underworld.

Broadcast: 16th September 1996

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Murder and Misdemeanors

After a quiet fishing trip, Rockford is tricked into taking over a fellow PI's case involving alleged Police misconduct, which lands him in the hospital, hounded by a beautiful reporter, and out of favor with the entire Police Deapartment. Meanwhile Angel tries to cash in on the publicity by selling a movie about Rockford's life.

Broadcast: 21st November 1997

Film 8 of 8

If It Bleeds...It Leads

Jim Rockford must help a friend unjustly accused of child molestation.

Broadcast: 16th April 1999

People / Cast  

Jim Rockford

Private Investigator

He is a struggling private investigator operating in the greater Los Angeles area, and played by James Garner.

Evelyn "Angel" Martin

Jim's Former Prison Friend

Angel is an untrustworthy, pathologically lying con artist whose schemes constantly get Jim in trouble, yet Jim remains his friend. He was played by Stuart Margolin.

Dennis Becker


He is Jim's friend on the Los Angeles Police Department. Dennis was played by Joe Santos.

Elizabeth "Beth" Davenport


She Jim's lawyer and sometime girlfriend. She is played by Gretchen Corbett.

Alex Diel


Alex/Thomas Diehl, Becker's superior officer who also has an antagonistic relationship with Rockford. He was played by Tom Atkins.

Douglas J. "Doug" Chapman


He is Becker's Superior Officer (until Becker's promotion). He and Jim always despise each other. He was played by James Luisi.


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