27 Jan

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The Mighty Boosh Collection... Weird Pilot !

Just went into HMV and got the mighty boosh dvd set (series 1 and 2) for £15.

Got to the second series and on there is a pilot episode (Boosh Pilot bonus dvd)... cheesy as hell. A pain to watch because of the false laughter constantly playing. Probably some TV producer had far too much say....

Thank goodness it never carried on into the actual broadcast episodes.

I would go so far as to say it was painful to watch.

Late Update:

You can view the episode guides here on the bbc iplayer Link - Hit or miss whether they are available to view online!

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  1. 30 Jan


    Zamber Moogie

    Only recently got into it via BBC THREE, and it is GREAT! Really funny... and a bit weird!
  2. 30 Jan


    Domain Master

    You say...

    ... and a bit weird!

    Bits and understatment!

    Try this for some fun…

    [EDIT 27 SEPT 2014] It seem the BBC have dropped the pages for the mightyboosh so I have deleted the link!

    You get to play as one of the main characters (Howard or Vince) and wander around the weird world of 'The Mighty Boosh'.

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