30 Oct

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Enable hidden disk image formats

I have always heard how you could use bzip2 compression which allows smaller dmg files in Apples Disk Utility, but was always confuses why I couldn't see it on the drop down menu... until now!

So here is the quick-tip (only works with Mac OS 10.4 +. First make sure Disk Utility is closed, then open Terminal and enter this line of code.

defaults write advanced-image-options 1

Then start Disk Utility again and you should see several options appear on the drop down menu.

The options that will appear on the menu will now be...

Disk Copy 4.2
NDIF read/write
NDIF read-only
NDIF compressed
NDIF compressed (KenCode)
compressed (ADC)
compressed (bzip2)
entire device
iPod image
UDIF stub
DVD/CD master

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