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20 Sep, 2012



Apples new mapping system getting worldwide complaints

It was only back in June 2012 that apple announced to the world that they would be ditching Google Maps in order to use their own iOS 6 mapping system. But already there are worldwide complaints...

I was very excited to update my iPad 3 to OS6.

Having used the maps software in conjunction with the calendar, logging my appointments for the next day, you can gather how disappointed I am with the rubbish that has replaced Google Maps.

This had better be sorted out pretty quickly as I will be going over to a Android tablet, as this has become unusable for me!

"After hearing all the comments about the map app I’m glad I’ve not upgraded to iOS 6"

These and others seem to cover the issues of not being able to find the location, or the locations found are incorrect regarding the exact location and distance. The worst is the loss of the street view for which Google Maps is famous for. As for who is to blame?... apple or the mapping data providers... or both?

Will this bad press compromise the apples sales? well it doesn't look like it since orders topped 2 million in the first 24 hours which is double the amount of the previous iphone 4. But more importantly apple have made the brave decision to ditch google and I don't thing there will be any going back. Its still early days and its bound to grow and get enhanced. But perhaps it would have been better to have fully checked the system before releasing it! Something I know from experience myself when apple released Mac OS 10.5!

As to how quickly apple get these issues solved, is up to them or even more the consumers. Of more interest is how google will come back at apple.

Luckily I am an android user so google maps will not be lost for the forceable future!

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