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07 Jun, 2016



Could not load Date & Time preference pane

I recently transferred my old Macbook Pro content to my new Macbook Pro using Time Machine transfer. All the data went across fine but one thing I noticed was the date and time was out by an hour. Then when trying to change the settings in System Preferences -> Date & Time I would get the following popup with the message 'Could Not load Date & Time preference pane'. After many hours of searching I found the answer... or at least it worked for me.

Mac OS Issue

Go and delete the following files.

  • Users/[Username]/Library/Preferences /
  • /Users/[UserName]/Library/Preferences/

Then restart your mac.

Hope it works for you.

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    11 Jul 2016
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    12 Jul 2016
    Glad it helped :)
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    Becky Nunes

    01 Apr 2020
    Nice one! Perfect fix, Thankyou.
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    01 Apr 2020
    Hi Becky, good to see the fix is still working.

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