21 May

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Screen-grab without leaving image on desktop

For ages I have been doing the screen-grab using Apple + Shift + 3 (OR) 4 which saves a png image to my desktop, then drag it into photoshop. But if I had to screen-grab loads of images, I ended up having a very untidy/cluttered desktop!!

But just found out pressing the combination Apple + CTRL + Shift + 3 (OR) 4 actually copies it to the scrapbook. Allowing a strait forward copy and paste direct into photoshop, and a tidy desktop.

Probably of no interest, but just incase you wanted to know!!

NOTE: Just incase your Apple + Shift + 3 screen-grab combination has stopped working - which maybe caused by conflict with some of your short key settings. Then delete the following file and reboot your computer.


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