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Troubleshooting on Mac OS X

Ever had problems with your mac not starting or freezing for no reason?

The following are some general options, but each mac problem may require a different solution.

 General Software Troubleshooting

Repair Permissions -

Open up the Application/Utilities/Disk Utility App. Now select your startup/system hardrive, and click First Aid. And follow that by selecting Repair Disk Permissions.

'Log Out' and 'Log In' -

Occasionally a quick logging out/in can fix certain problems, or try restarting.

Zap PRAM -

Restart your Apple Mac and hold down the command+option+p+r keys. You should hear the startup chime about 3 or 4 times.

Reset Firmware -

Restart your Apple Mac and hold down the command+option+o+f keys. Then on the prompt you need to type in 'reset-all' and press return. Your Apple Mac will reboot.

Check your system files info -

Startup in single user mode by holding command+s. Then on the prompt type in 'fsck - y' and press return. Keep typing 'fsck - y' until all the errors are found, if any!

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