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05 Feb, 2007



3D camera in apple motion

(UPDATE old links no longer worked so have been updated on 29 August 2012) This product has been discontinued.

I was just wondering if there are any options in Motion to do 3D simulation, like there is with After Effects i.e. Null parent objects, camera and lights.

And recently recieved answer from Peter Wiggins via creativecow

Peter Wiggins

"Yes Motion does do 3D but you will need my freebie plugin to handle 2 planes in 3D in Motion."

Thanks Peter

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    04 Jun 2007
    I suspect you already know the big new thing concerning motion is its final inclusion of 3D. Something After Effects has had for years. But from a first tryout it looks good and is very easy to use... leaving the conclusion that I'm very impressed.
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    The Fly

    30 Nov 2007
    I still don't think it will be as good as After Effects.

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