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19 Jun, 2007



Convert Motion 2.1 files to Motion 2 files

Just thought I would tell you all about this little tip!, if you are working in Motion 2.0 and need to open a Motion 2.1 file. Most likely you will get a message telling you that it can't be opened due to it being created in a newer version of Motion.

Recently I had this problem and just out of shear curiosity tried to open the file in TextEdit... and to my surprise it opened and the 3rd line read....

<ozml version="2.1">

So I changed it to...

<ozml version="2.0.1">

And again to my suprise it opened in my version of Motion.

So before you start thinking about upgrading from motion 2 to 2.1, try this out!!

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    Mr Apple

    19 Jun 2007
    I remember doing the same with a Maya file. I think it was version 7.5 to 7!

    But unfortunately it was too late we had already purchased the upgrade

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