10 Jan

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DV clip playing quality rubbish in Quicktime 7


When ever you are viewing the video edits/clips in Final Cut Pro the quality is great, but after exporting the clips to DV codec format the quality of the preview is low in Quicktime 7 by default? So how can you solve this problem. It's actually very easy to solve.


You can use one of the following two options:

1. Check your export settings in final cut.


2. When opening in Quicktime 7 goto the 'windows option(at the top)/show movie properties'. Then a new window should open. Select the video track, then visual settings and see if the the option on the bottom right 'high quality' is selected.

Now as to why this is default in Quicktime 7 whenever you open a DV codec video... I just don't know? But at least this sorts the problem easily. Hope you find it helpful.

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