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18 Jul, 2010



FREE archive footage for Final Cut

I am sure there have been times when working on an edit you wish you had access to a diverse choice of footage, and then do a search for "free footage" on the web only to find pages and pages saying "royalty-free footage" which as we all know have a price tag/cost attached, which is fair enough.

But there are websites out there that do have completely free stock footage.

Free stock footage links:

A wide variety of subject material in both HD and SD (NTSC) * You need to register to download but is is FREE

Space and science in great resolution SD and HD

Covers almost every subject there is, but the video resolutions/quality do vary. If you are patient there are some great clips to be found.

Ever wanted to practice your camera tracking in 3D but couldn't find any decent footage for FREE.

Check this out its absolutely perfect and in HD.

Wanting to create an action movie with explosions, muzzle flash, smoke and the like. I admit not the best layouts regarding website design but still good footage.

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