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02 Aug, 2015



20 of the Best Web Font icons

Whether you are a developer or a designer for the web, it's always nice to have a collection of icons to use plus ones that can implemented direct with CSS.

The advantage is they stay crisp/sharp no matter what the screen size plus you can change the size and colours easily with CSS without any image processing.

I have listed 20 of the best free fonts on the web. Hope you find them handy... I do!

 Font Awesome

font awesome preview

This has to be said is one of my favourite web fonts to use for icons and better yet it is always being updated and added to with new icons - at the date of writing this it has 585 Icons which cover a wide variety from e-commerce to social icons and more. Definatly one to add to your favourites/bookmarks.

Get Font Awesome 5 here...

Get Font Awesome 4 here...


Glyphicon font preview

Glyphicons has some of the best web font icons on the web. One free (as png only) and one paid. If you use the Bootstrap Framework, you will already know that there is a small collection of Glyphicons included.

Get Glyphicon here...


Genericons font preview

Genericons web font has a variety of 123 Icons, both clean and simple. The download includes the individual SVG's plus the CSS and complete font in ttf, off, eot, svg format.

Get Genericons here...


rondo font preview

Rondo is a nice set of 40 Social Icons.

Get Rondo here...


meteocons font preview

Meteocons is a great set of weather icons. It contains 40+ icons available in PSD, CSH, EPS, SVG, Desktop font and Web font.

Get Meteocons here...

 Mono Social Icons Font

mono social icons font preview

Mono Social Icons Font is a great collection of more than 100 free web font icons. They provide icons in three different variants : circular, rectangular and regular.

Get Mono Social Icons Font here...

 Map Icons

map icons font previews

Map icons has a varied collection of 175 icons for use on maps covering subjects like Entertainment, Health, Services and more. Even greater is the fact it can also be integrated with Google Maps and Google Places.

Get Map Icons here...

 Github Octicons

githubs icons font preview

With this set of icons you can add the same ones used with Github repository projects.

Get Github Octicons here...

 Open Iconic

open iconic font preview

Open Iconic is a set of 223 icons available in SVG, webfont and raster format. It also has a customised CSS for Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks.

Get Open Iconic here...


icomoon font preview

IcoMoon offers a great collection of 490 web font icons for free. It has the option to download the fonts as SVG, PDF, EPS, Ai, PSD files. Plus they offer paid packages which have 950 Icons and 1600 Icons.

Get IcoMoon here...

 Entypo+ and The Entypo Pictogram Suite

Entypo plus font preview

Entypo+ is a set of 411 free icons in svg format but not as a font.

Get Entypo+ new SVG icons here...

Entypo Pictogram Suite font preview

The older version called The Entypo Pictogram Suite is a font and the only place I was able to find it was the smashing magazine website. This version also includes the master psd, eps and pdf of the font icons and contains 284 icons.

Get The Entypo Pictogram Suite font here...

 Payment webfont icons

Payment Webfont font preview

This is another favourite for use with e-commeerce websites. It's the Payment webfont icons created by Orlando TM Merone which has a set of 34 font icons of popular payment systems.

Get Payment webfont here...


ionicons font preview

Ionicons is a set of 733 web font icons for use with the Ionic Framework (open source front-end SDK). But they can also be used in any web application.

Get Ionicons here...


Socialicious font preview

It's a social media icons library containing 74 icons which can be used to extend Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome, but can also be used as a stand-alone. It also has a nice built in CSS classes to create buttons as well.

Get Socialicious here...

 OpenWeb Icons

OpenWeb Icons font preview

OpenWeb Icons has 219 web fonts icons for open communities, standards or projects. Its collection contains such things as 'Creative Commons', 'HTML5' and 'Microformats' and more.

Get OpenWeb Icons here...


Brandico font preview

Brandico is a small crowdsourced collection of popular logos used on websites and some missing in other web font collections.

Get Brandico here...


StateFace font preview

StateFace is a web font that you can use on your website which contains various states of the USA. It's designed to be used for only small size icons.

Get StateFace here...

 JustVector Icons Font

JustVector Icons Font preview

JustVector Icons Font is the web font conversion of the original popular font by Alex Peattie's icon set. It contains a variety of icons such as 'Amazon', 'App store' and 'DeviantArt'.

Get JustVector Icons Font here...

 Raphaël Icon-Set via @font-face

Raphael Icon Set font preview

Raphaël Icon-Set via @font-face is a web font version of the original Raphaël SVG Icon-Set. It contains 116 very useful icons.

Get Raphaël Icon-Set via @font-face here...


sosa font preview

Sosa is an web font which includes 160+ icons. The download contains the .ttf .eot .svg & .woff files need to use the web font via @font-face.

Get Sosa here...

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