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30 Oct, 2016



Find and replace crashes Dreamweaver CC on Mac

I recently had an issue when running Dreamweaver CC 2015 - with it constantly crashing on my mac when trying to use its 'Find and Replace'. The 'Find and Replace' popup would not appear and the app would just crash giving me a report error message popup instead! So I looked all across the web and did everything such as deleting several files in the user folder... trying to install it from scratch. But sadly nothing worked and it still kept on crashing.

But then I tried running the app using the 'root' user and it worked fine which gave me the clue where to start looking. So here is my solution.

 Step 1:

Solve Dreamweaver 'Find and Replace' crash issue

First thing go into the Adobe cloud app and Open Dreamweaver, and at the same time hold all the following keys - 'CMD' + 'ALT' + 'Shift'.

dreamweaver crash cloud screen

 Step 2:

Unlike normal the following popup screen should appear saying 'Reset Dreamweaver preferences and settings?' so just select 'Yes'. This should backup your preferences and delete the following files:

  • /username/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Dreamweaver[version] (folder)
  • /username/Library/Application Support/Preferences/Adobe Dreamweaver[version].txt (file)

Dreamweaver reset preferences popup window

 Step 3 (And finally!):

Now this is done and Dreamweaver is fully up and running just try opening the 'Find and Replace' window... and fingers crossed it should open without crashing the App.

Dreamweaver find and replace popup window

As to whether deleting the same file/folders manually works as well - I am not sure but for now this solution is working fine for me. Plus I hope this solves the problem for anybody else.

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