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Dreamweaver keyboard shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for using in Dreamweaver.

Keyboard Commands

PC Shortcut

Mac Shortcut

Apply paragraph formatting to selected text

Control + Shift + P

Command + Shift + P

Here are some more quick keys tips.

Keyboard Commands

PC Shortcut

Mac Shortcut

Make selected text bold

Control + B

Command + B

Make selected text italic

Control + I

Command + I

Apply heading formatting (h1-h6) to selected text

Control + 1 through 6

Command + 1 through 6

Add new paragraph



Add a line break <br> or <br />

Shift + Return

Shift + Return

Insert a nonbreaking space

Command + Shift + Spacebar

Command + Shift + Spacebar

Move object or text

Drag selection to new location

Drag selection to new location

Copy object or text

Control-drag selection to new location

Option-drag selection to new location

Select a word



Select a row or text block



Select a parent object or container i.e. <strong> to <p> to <div>

Control + [

Command + [

Insert image

Control + Alt + I

Command + Option + I

Insert table

Control + Alt + T

Command + Option + T

Run a spell check

Shift + F7

Shift + F7

Zoom in

Control + =

Command + =

Zoom out

Control + -

Command + -


Alt + Shift + F11

Option + Shift + F11

Code Navigator

Control + Alt + N

Command + Option + N

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