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Where to Find Free Fonts for CSS @font-face

Over the last few years I have started to use custom based fonts for my CSS which gives more freedom when designing with @font-face CSS. Here is a list of some great websites which offer free to download fonts, and more importantly free from legal implications from using them on your website.

 Font Squirrel

A fantastic website to get free fonts. It has a great collection of different styles of fonts, but the best thing is the option 'WEBFONT GENERATOR' which converts the fonts to the following formats (.woff, .ttf, .svg and .eot) which you need to work across all browsers.

 Google Fonts

It has a large collection of free open-source fonts. You can download the fonts, but the main use is externally of which google will generate the css link code for you.


The large collection of fonts here cover different styles such as Grunge, Serif, Pixel and more.

 Font Cubes

This site boasts a collection of more than 8800 free fonts and dingbats fonts. The compatibility covers Mac, Windows and Android.

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