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06 Sep, 2008



Netscape has gone the way of explorer for the apple mac

I was just wondering if Netscape had been updated for Mac OS... only to find on their link that it's been ditched (around March 1st 2008) or officially 'End of Support'.

I remember when Netscape and Explorer where the only options for Mac and PC.... (I'm talking early 90's). And even when publishing a Flash file (.swf) the third on the list after these 2 browsers was Opera.

Funny how things change or should that be trends change, but for it to be ditched from both platforms is something new to me.

VERY LATE UPDATE (10 Aug 2014): Okay I have to update this post and just say the people who developed Netscape are now the same people who develop Firefox! so now I should just say it was... rebranded!

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    Mr Apple

    07 Sep 2008
    That's not loss to me, I use firefox!

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