20 Feb

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Joomla JXTC Deluxe News Module link Problem

Just a quick note to anyone having the same problem.

I had to do a joomla website and used the 'JXTC Deluxe News Module'. Seemed easy enough to copy and paste from the code examples. But when selecting the images they didn't use the correct URL link for the article.


instead of

Had a mess around and noticed their example code was wrong. If anybody else is having the same problem do the following... delete the forward slash next to certain options for example


should be


Hope this helps

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  1. 21 Feb


    Jedi Guru

    I wouldn't use anything by Joomla JXTC!!!

    The support is crap and as for lack of helpful documentation!!!

    Not worth anything!!!
  2. 26 Feb



    Quick update... just found another module which has a lot more power and is FREE! Plus they do other modules so check it out.

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