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13 Jan, 2019



Install Deus Ex GOG with Wineskin on Mac OS X

NOTE: This is for the GOG version of Deus Ex 1. If you need the CD version go to Wineskin Install CD Rom

SAD NOTE: Due to apple dropping support for 32 Bit with the release of macOS 10.15 (Catalina) onwards it will no longer work!

I wrote a tutorial back in 2014 on how to install Deus Ex 1 GOTY on Wineskin with the CD rom version, but due to some comments people wanted to know how to do the same with the GOG version since there are certain issues - mainly macOS 10.13 so now I have wrote this.

For this tutorial you will need the following:

  • For this 'How to' I am using the 'Offline Backup Installer' of Deus Ex™ GOTY Edition puchased from
  • Wineskin 1.7 and make sure to use wrapper version 2.6.2 which can be downloaded for free here.

 Step 1:

Setup the Wineskin Wrapper

Lets get started by launching 'Wineskin Winery' and choose 'WS9WineCX15.3.1' engine (This is also VERY important if you want it to work) then press 'Create New Blank Wrapper'.

Install GOG Create New Blank Wrapper

Now call it 'Deus Ex GOG' and press okay to create the blank wrapper.

Install GOG Create New Blank Wrapper

Once done select 'View wrapper in Finder' and now you can quit the 'Wineskin Winery' app which is no longer needed.

Install GOG View Wrapper

This will show your new wrapper in the finder so simply click the icon + ctrl key. From the popup that appears choose 'Show Package Contents'.

Install GOG Show Package Contents

Open the 'Wineskin' app.

Install GOG Open Wrapper Wineskin

First lets select the 'Set Screen Options'.

Install GOG Show Package Contents

From the new window simply make sure only 'Use Mac Driver instead of X11' and 'Decorate windows' are checked under the 'Other Options'. This is one of things that is really important to get it to work on macOS 10.13. Once done press 'Done'.

Install GOG Change Screen Options

Now select the 'Advanced' button.

Install GOG Choose Advanced Option

Once the new window appears choose the 'Tools' tab then 'Winetricks' under 'Utilities'.

Install GOG Choose Winetricks

Now this is another part that is really... really important to work on macOS 10.13, otherwise you will have loads of issues trying to install the Gog version of the game.

First search for 'vid' and expand 'settings' and choose 'videomemorysize=2048' checkbox. Then choose 'run' - a popup will appear saying do you wish to run winetricks, just press 'run'. Once it is up and running just press the 'close' button.

Install GOG Run Video Winetrick

 Step 2:

Install Deus Ex GOG version

Now time to install Deus Ex, so choose the 'Configuration' tab and press the 'Install Software' button.

Install GOG Install Software

Choose the 'Choose Setup Executable' option.

Install GOG Setup Executable

Now find your downloaded Gog version of Deus Ex - at this time it's 'setup_deus_ex_goty_1.112fm (revision1.'.

Install GOG Choose Deus Ex Installer

Now this should be straight forward but I will show what options appear. So for a start choose your language by default it is English.

Install GOG Choose English

Check the 'Yes, I have read and accept EULA' option. Now for me I don't want an alias appearing on my desktop so I then choose 'Options' on the left.

Install GOG Choose EULA option

... so uncheck the 'Create desktop icon option and then click 'Install' on the right.

Install GOG Choose Install

Now you will get the progress bar as it starts to install... full of loads of game adds.

Install GOG Install Screeh

Once finished you will see some small warning windows (maybe around 3 or 4) but don't worry just press 'Okay'. Now you should have the 'Installed Successfully' screen. Just press 'Exit' since we need to set the startup application.

Install GOG Installed Successfully

From the next window choose the startup app which is based in 'GOG Games/Deus Ex GOTY/System/DeusEx.exe' and press 'OK'.

Install GOG Installed Successfully

Now just quit the 'Deus Ex GOG' wineskin wrapper. Once done startup the app and for the first time you will be shown several screenshots just press okay to them and get the game up and running. Here are the screenshots you should see for reference.

Install GOG Installed Successfully

Install GOG Installed Successfully

Install GOG Installed Successfully

Install GOG Installed Successfully

From my experience this is still the greatest game in history and I hope this has helped anybody trying to get the GOG version up and running on their macs.

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18 Response

  1. avatar


    18 Feb 2019
    thank you so much for putting this thorough guide together for dummies like me. i got it working, and i'm so excited to be able to play this game again!
  2. avatar

    me @ grafxflow

    02 Mar 2019
    Ray... Glad to help :)
  3. avatar


    14 Jul 2019
    It worked for me and, with your help, it was easy to setup. Thank you !
  4. avatar


    14 Jul 2019
    Thanks for the instructions. I can get the game running, but the frame rate is too high and the game plays as if on double speed. Any tips on capping the frame rate?
  5. avatar


    14 Jul 2019
    Hi Tom,

    I am not sure if this is possible, but I believe the Deus Ex games launcher allows you to change/limit the frame rate.

    Also I am unsure if the game still launches if replacing the startup with the version?
  6. avatar


    18 Jul 2019
    Thanks. Unfortunately either the kentie launcher makes the game not launch at all, or I'm just not able to work out why not.
    Thanks anyway.
  7. avatar


    29 Sep 2019
    Hey, thanks for the guide! Everything goes swimmingly until I try to choose the start up app and I
    I get an error message saying;

    'Oops! No new executables found!

    Maybe the installer failed...?

    If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too. All software must be installed in C: drive.'

    Any help much appreciated :)
  8. avatar


    30 Sep 2019
    Hi Michael,

    So it goes through the complete installation and this only happens after you choose 'GOG Games/Deus Ex GOTY/System/DeusEx.exe' ?
  9. avatar


    22 Nov 2019
    Just bought a new computer and had to set this up again... process still works flawlessly on my Mac running Mojave. thanks again!
  10. avatar


    03 May 2020
    How can I stop the dialogue from skipping :-/
  11. avatar


    03 May 2020
    Hi Ankram,

    Could you go in to more detail?
  12. avatar


    03 May 2020
    similar issue as Tom. But he didn't get his kentie replacement to work so it prob won't work for me either.

    Everything seems okay except that every dialog line skips after a few seconds. Really a buzzkill on the immersive conspiracy vibes.

    i read that Kentie can adjust for this but how do I do that?? I think kentie is for windows folks.
  13. avatar


    03 May 2020
    Hi Ankram,

    NOTE: Now the following works with the CD version I haven't tested it with the GOG version.

    You would have to drag and drop the Kenti file ( and drag the 4 files below into the folder 'drive_c/DeusEx/System/'. This will replace the 'deusex.exe' file which it launches.
  14. avatar


    03 May 2020
    Thanks, I am going to try but I'm not optimistic. kind of confused.
  15. avatar


    03 May 2020
    Dang. I unzipped and dropped all 4 files into that folder. It only replaced the main .exe. The game then works but nothign changed.
  16. avatar


    03 May 2020
    The solution is found here! In the "system", you make the edit suggested at bottom of this thread

    So excited to play!

  17. avatar


    03 May 2020
    Thanks Ankram...Nice and handy to know. I do know that it's also a setting in the Kenti app.

    Edit the ./system/deusex.ini file, in it look for the line "GameRenderDevice=…" and set it to "GameRenderDevice=OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice".

    After the "GameRenderDevice=…" line, add the following one: "FrameRateLimit=60"
  18. avatar

    Valerio Volga

    13 Dec 2020
    Thanks for this, the game runs however I've got no sound. Any idea?

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