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03 Aug, 2014



Install Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin on Mac OS X

UPDATE: it has been revised to work between macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and macOS 10.14 (Mojave). If you are also have the version read this other tutorial instead GOG Deus Ex Wineskin Tutorial

UPDATE (19/07/2021): It's now working on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 using Wrapper WS11WineCX19.0.2-3 and WineSkin WS11WineCX19.0.2-3

Okay first things first - the actual reason for me writing this 'How to' was to find a native way of playing Deus Ex 1 (2000 version) on Mac OS X rather than via something like bootcamp and a windows installation. The only version ever released for the Apple Mac was natively Mac OS 9 which as we all know is now long gone. Plus this is the important bit it's still the number one game for me of all time!

So for this tutorial I am going to show the basic steps of installing Deus Ex and an example of a module called 'New Vision' which adds higher detailed textures, but I suppose any other modules would work the same way with the same procedure.

So here is what I used for this...

  1. For this 'How to' I am using Deus Ex (Game of the Year / GOTY) - Sold Out Software CD, which should cost only a few quid.
  2. Wineskin 2.6.2 which can be downloaded for free here.
  3. For this example 'New Vision 1.5' used to add better enhanced textures here.
  4. The Kenzie Deus Exe Launcher from here. Make sure to download the older version

 Step 1:

Install Deus Ex with Wineskin

So lets get started by launching 'Wineskin Winery' and make sure to choose 'WS9WineCX15.3.1' engine (This is also VERY important if you want it to work) then press 'Create New Blank Wrapper'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 1

If 'WS9WineCX15.3.1' doesn't appear on your list press the '+' and 'Download and Install'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Install Engine

After pressing 'Create New Blank Wrapper,' name the file 'Deus Ex'.

Deus Ex Create Wrapper

Then just leave it to install the relevant files until the window appears telling you 'View wrapper in Finder'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 3

This will take you to the newly created file. Press on the icon + ctrl key to show the dropdown and then select 'Show Package Contents'. At the same time you can quit the 'Wineskin Winery' app since you won't need this anymore.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 4

In the new window launch 'Wineskin'. NOTE: The alias for drive_c is in the same folder as the Wineskin app which is the easier way of doing some of the amends during this 'How to'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 5

Select the 'Advanced' option.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 6

Now select 'Options' next to 'Tools' on the right. This will take you to another window and choose 'Modify Mappings'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 7

This again will take you to another window simply delete any text in the My Documents field and then press 'Save'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 8

Now back on the previous window select the 'Set Screen Options'.

Deus Ex Set Screen Options

By default the 'Automatic' should be checked but if not select it. Then move the 'Extra Gamma Correction' bar to the 'Very Bright' - your screen will go lighter for a few seconds but then go back to normal. Now make sure to uncheck the 'Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D' because it stopped it working in MAC OS 10.13. Once finished press the 'Done' button.

Deus Ex Screen Details Options

This is another part of the fix to make it work in MAC OS 10.13. Choose the 'Tools' tab then the 'Wineskin' button.

Deus Ex Screen Mac OS.13 Fix part 1

Then on the screen search for 'vid' and from the results expand 'settings' and checkbox 'videomemorysize=2048' and press run. This will run the winertrick - once done just press 'close'.

Deus Ex Screen Details Options

Now press the 'Install Software' button.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 9

On the next screen press 'Choose Setup Executable'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 10

Insert the 'Deus Ex GOTY' CD and choose the 'Setup.exe' file.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 11

All the next few windows should be straight forward so choose your language which for me is 'English International' - Also make sure that is says Version 1112F. Then press the 'Next' button.

Deus Ex Install CD Part 1

Choose the 'I Agree'.

Deus Ex Install CD Part 2

Then 'Next' - for this Deus Ex Sold Out software CD version it puts the files in 'C:\DeusEx' directory but for other versions it may use a different directory but that's not important it will still work.

Deus Ex Install CD Part 3

Make sure all the checkboxes are selected then again choose 'Next' and...

Deus Ex Install CD Part 4

... then 'Install' and now just sitback and wait for the files to be installed.

Deus Ex Install CD Part 5

Once installed you will see this screen just click 'Finish'.

Deus Ex Install CD Part 6

A new Wineskin window should appear showing the DeusEx.exe file which needs to boot up automatically just select 'OK'.

Install Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin on Mac OS X - Picture 18

!!! IF USING THE CD INSTALLER: Don't try to start it yet or you will get either an error screen or the game just won't boot. !!!

Now unzip the downloaded file and drag the 4 files below into the folder 'drive_c/DeusEx/System/' - NOTE: the 'deusex.exe' file will replace the older version but that's fine. You should also be able to eject the 'Deus Ex GOTY' installer CD with no issues when running the game.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 19

Now before you install the 'New Vision' module you will need to run the Deus Ex game first so press 'Test Run' in 'Wineskin'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 22

Your screen will go brighter and the ' Deus Exe Launcher' should appear. It may take a while when first launching so be patient. Select the 'Configure' button.

Deus Ex Configure Button

On the new window select the following options which may differ mainly on your monitor size but for this example I am using the following:

  • Renderer: OpenGL Support (without this set the New Vision textures won't work/appear).
  • Resolution - Common: Choose your screen resolution, so for my example it's 1440x900.
  • Resolution – Fullscreen: Checked.
  • Quality: 32 bit color.
  • Field of view: 16:10 - this should have automatically changed so no need to select anything.

Deus Ex Configure Screen

Now press 'OK' which takes you to the previous window and choose 'Play'. This will take you to Deus Ex game menu and so to be safe start a game and load the first level. Once done exit the game via the games built in menu. A popup will appear in 'Wineskin' - again ignore it and just press 'Cancel'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 25

 Step 2:

Install the 'New Vision' Module

Back in the Wineskin app choose 'Install Software'.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 9

Then 'Choose Setup Executable' again.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 10

Now select the 'New_Vision_v1-5.exe' which you downloaded - Before installing I should warn you it will add another 3GB of harddrive space but these days is that such a big deal! Now press 'Next'.

Deus Ex Install New Vision Part 1

The screen which will give you a rundown of what you are installing so just press 'Next'.

Deus Ex Install New Vision Part 2

Now by default the first 2 checkboxes should be selected, both 'New Vision Files' and 'OpenGL Renderer (The OpenGL Renderer is an update to work on more modern graphics cards)'. This is fine and you don't need to select any others so just press the 'Next' button.

NOTE: If you are wondering why we installed Kentie's launcher earlier rather than here, it's because this version won't run on Mac OS X.

Deus Ex Install New Vision Part 3

The new window will show the directory as 'c:\DeusEx' - again just press the 'Next' button.

Deus Ex Install New Vision Part 4

It will install all the files which will take some time but once done you will see the finished screen. Just press 'Finish'.

Deus Ex Install New Vision Part 5

Now in order for the 'New Vision' to work we need to edit a file. Open the following 'drive_c/users/Wineskin/My Documents/Deus Ex/System/DeusEx.ini' file. Search for and change the following.


Insert and extra line of code so it looks like this...


 Step 3:

To change the Games Icon (Optional)

Lets make it look better and give it an icon. So again in 'Wineskin' select 'Configuration' and choose the icon browse button and load up a file which can be as big as 512px x 512px and in icns file format. There are plenty on the web.

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 31

So it now should appear like this...

Deus Ex GOTY with Wineskin tutorial - Picture 32

 Step 4:

Start the game with high-res textures

Now quit 'Wineskin' and run the Deus Ex game with the new icon. When the ' Deus Exe Launcher' appears press 'Data Directories'.

NOTE: This only needs to be done once NOT everytime it starts.

Deus Ex Data Directories

On the next screen checkbox both 'New Vision Maps' and 'New Vision Textures'. Now press the 'OK' button. NOTE: If the game plays slow on your machine try unchecking these and then maybe try changing your screen size, plus if you install any other modules they will probably have to be activated here in order to work.

Deus Ex Data Directories Screen

And finally you can press the 'Play' button and start a new game. You should now be able to see the high-res textures working. The levels will take longer to load due to the new high-res textures.

Deus Ex Play Game

Here are a few game screenshots.

deus ex main menu screenshot

Deus Ex Screenshot 2

To conclude - I know this has been an epic of 'How to's' and someone else may know an easier/shorter way but I hope it helps someone! Maybe the actual company who made the game in the first place would give us a native version of 'Deus Ex 1' with new graphics and render engine (Yes I have played Deus Ex 3!)... it's good to dream!

I have also tested it with the following mods and it works fine, but they are NOT used in this tutorial.

  1. Zodiac MOD - Single player missions. Read how to install it here NOTE: You will need to follow the instructions on this post first.
  2. Redsun 2020 MOD - Single player missions. NOTE: Doesn't work with New Vision MOD. here
  3. The Nameless MOD - Single player missions. here
  4. Project HDTP MOD - High-res Characters (Slow moving MOD on the development front) plus not all the characters are included. here

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26 Response

  1. avatar


    29 Sep 2014
    Awesome guide! Helped me get it running on my macbook. Thank you!
  2. avatar


    29 Sep 2014
    Glad to help... this is still a great game.
  3. avatar


    25 Jan 2015
    Just fantastic. Thanks so much. It works like a dream. My favourite game of all time.
  4. avatar


    29 Jan 2015
    Always glad to help.
  5. avatar


    13 Feb 2015
    Thank you so much! So easy to follow, even though I got it off of GOG.
  6. avatar


    17 Feb 2015
    Good to hear it works with that version as well.
  7. avatar


    19 Feb 2015
    thank you so so much; this has been *such* a help!!! :)
  8. avatar


    21 Apr 2015
    Thanks a lot, it works perfectly!

    Just an update info - when using version of goty, the only file in STEP 3 that needs to be edited is the third one.
  9. avatar


    21 Apr 2015
    Perfect thanks for the update Samiel.

    Plus after checking it out in more detail - it turns out the ' Deus Ex Installer' sorts out the ejecting of the CD automatically! So it has been updated.
  10. avatar


    20 May 2015
    Thank you so much! I had so much pain in order to make this gem work properly. Works like a charm! Also works with GoG release no problems. Thank you thank you thank you!
  11. avatar


    23 May 2015
    Thank you very much!! Perfectly!!! :) My favourite game!
  12. avatar


    25 Jul 2015
    Thanks so much. Worked perfect. My favourite game!
    I also used version.
  13. avatar


    11 Nov 2015
    I also used the GOG version. What's funny though is, that I did not have to edit the DeusEx.ini file. The line "UseS3TC=True" was already there.

    And a bit odd is that the highres textures seem to be there only if i UNCHECK both checkboxes in the Datadirectory window. Any explanation for this?
  14. avatar

    Deus Alex

    26 Feb 2016
    That is how you do a Tutorial. Great stuff. It works on El Capitan with Wrapper Wineskin-2.6.2 and the GOG GOTY Edition. I am really blown away. You should become a teacher if you aren't already! // Do you think I can make Wing Commander run on Wineskin too? Would you mind to do a tutorial for that as well? ;) Anyway thanks again for this.
  15. avatar


    27 Feb 2016
    Hi Deus Alex,

    I am glad this helped. But unfortunately I don't have the Wing Commander game so can't help you on that front.
  16. avatar


    26 May 2016
    You are awesome! And, what I am finding is that these instructions work for other games made on or roughly around the same time as Deus Ex. Works for Quake 2, for example. The real challenge with Winery with these games is finding the right Winery engine for max compatibility with the game. You should really consider doing more of these guides for other games! Great work!
  17. avatar


    03 Oct 2016
    Bit late to the party here, but I just wanted to give you a big thumbs-up for this excellent guide. Being able to still play Deus Ex even now is fantastic, and of all the guides I've seen on how to do it (and I've tried quite a few) yours is by far the best. It runs perfectly so far - not even getting the problem with spoken lines being cut off early.
  18. avatar


    07 Nov 2016
    Good Stuff :)
  19. avatar


    23 Dec 2016
    Still works!
  20. avatar


    20 Sep 2018
    Hi. I'm the same "Mark" who commented above, couple of years ago. I see that you updated this to run with the newer OS. I have tried to update to High Sierra but it bricked my iMac and I had to reinstall Yosemite. If it's not too much trouble, could you point me towards the earlier instructions, the ones I would have used, so I can get the game back up and running on Yosemite? It would be massively appreciated.
  21. avatar


    31 Oct 2018
    Hi Mark,

    I just had the same issue with macOS Mojave and had to downgrade to High Sierra!

    Have you actually tried the tutorial since I have a feeling it will still work fine.

    Get back to me otherwise and I will publish the old version. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you :(
  22. avatar


    03 Nov 2018
    Hi Mark!

    A wave of nostalgia led me to finding you. Incredible to think Deus Ex on Mac OS X is possible!

    However, I've downloaded the version of Deus Ex (GOTY) and so not the CD... the downloaded .exe for the game means there is no Setup.exe on my computer... what do I do to get around this?

    I am stuck at that point!

    Cheers, and thanks for any support in advance!

  23. avatar


    03 Nov 2018
    Hi Ivor,

    Does the downloaded .exe not work like the setup.exe and create the Deus Ex file directories?
  24. avatar


    28 Nov 2018
    Hi !
    Exactly the same problem than Ivot, 2 post above.
    From you get a "setup_deus_ex_goty_1.112fm(revision_1."
    which apparently cannot be used to be a setup executable (i tried it) AND cannot be opened to find a setup executable in it.

    This happens at the step where you insert the cd and have to choose from it the setup executable
  25. avatar


    12 Jan 2019

    Also having the same issue as above, is there any workaround?

  26. avatar

    12 Jan 2019
    Hi iambearface and Nyarky,

    Okay I have purchased the version - setup_deus_ex_goty_1.112fm (revision_1. and wrote a new post to help you out.

    New gog Deus Ex Wineskin tutorial.

    And I have to admit... it's far easier and quicker to install and setup to than the CD rom version!

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