19 Mar

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Straighten Images in Photoshop easily!

I've always had annoying problems rotating and straightening up images or scans in photoshop... either rotating too much or too little.

Well I found out a way that has been around since Photoshop 5.5.

Here it is:

1. Open your image that needs straightening in photoshop.

2. Select the measure tool and draw 2 markers along the axis that you want to straighten.

3. Then select the menu image>rotate canvas>arbitrary.

4. There you have it... Easy!

Hope someone finds it handy!

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2 Thoughts

  1. 19 May


    Atomic Kitty

    All this time I've been rotating and guessing it out.

    Great Tip!! BRILLIANT!!
  2. 20 Mar


    Robbie C

    Nice... I've been using photoshop all these years and it was there right in front of me. This will make life a lot more easy for those awkward photos.

    Keep those tips coming in!

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