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11 Oct, 2012



Is it the end of RSS feeds for the web?

For many years we have all been using our RSS feeds to update our followers.

But now with the likes of Facebook and Twitter unceremoniously ditching RSS, it is probably an early warning that others will follow. Even apple since Mac OS 10.7 have for the first time dropped support for RSS feed reading in Safari 6, it now gets transferred to the mail app.

Maybe it's the big players trying to entice or even force people to use their resources, for the latest news etc. But I am speaking from more a developers point of view and asking if external RSS feeds are to be completely stopped all together?

There are meant to be many workarounds for developers to still get their RSS feeds to be shown, but this isn't the best policy. If so, does this mean I have to keep watching my webpages to make sure the feeds are still working or not, day to day. Plus what about all the websites which use the RSS feed technology themselves to bring in external news?

Sure change is good and technology will always move on at a fast pace, but I would prefer to know the exact path to follow when using external feeds.

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