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10 Oct, 2012



Twitter RSS url feed can't be read... FIX

Quick Note: (UPDATED 05 MARCH 2013) This RSS url will cease working in March 2013! So I suggest NOT using this RSS feed url. I am now using the Twitter API1.1 so therefore my old RSS feed was last working on the 01 March 2013. Read this new article about Adding a Twitter feed APP to WordPress.

The problem which I had with my twitter RSS feed was that it suddenly stopped working. So after searching around on the web... here is the solution I found.

If you have used:


You now need to use:

Or if you have a twitter name which has an underscore (_) use:

(Thanks to claneksi for this snippet of code)

See comments below for how to find your TWITTER_ID.

If you do have a php script (See this code) it would be best you backup the RSS feed to another file on your server based on a schedule, such as every 10 minutes. The reason being that twitter does limit the amount of times the RSS feed can be read per hour based on your website IP. If you don't twitter that often it might be worth setting the schedule to an hour.

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24 Response

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    11 Oct 2012
    Thanks, I used that for my RSS feed in thunderbird. I suppose when they finally make it go away, I'll have to do something else!
  2. avatar

    Marcelo Kallocsaih

    11 Oct 2012
    Thanks man, right on the spot!
  3. avatar

    Benjamin Hansen

    11 Oct 2012
    so lame that they are ditching rss i would never bother with twitter if it were for the feeds. thanks for the temp fix.
  4. avatar


    12 Oct 2012
    Thanks a lot!
    Also for those who prefer to use user id numbers instead of screen name can use this.
  5. avatar


    12 Oct 2012

    Thanks for that. Another one to add to the list.
  6. avatar


    15 Oct 2012
    Anyone figure out the URL for and RSS feed for Twitter lists?
  7. avatar


    15 Oct 2012
    Does this work?
  8. avatar


    18 Oct 2012
    thx. i found a answer!
  9. avatar


    18 Oct 2012
    Thank you soooo much! My Twitter RSS feeds just stopped working and I couldn't figure out the solution.. until I found this page by googling. Cheers from Finland xxx
  10. avatar


    19 Oct 2012
    Thanks, it works for now
  11. avatar


    22 Oct 2012
    Thank you so much! It works fine again. I could not find this info on Twitter (last week)!
  12. avatar


    28 Oct 2012
    Thanks so much. I can't get this to work for twitter usernames that use an underscore _, any thoughts?
  13. avatar


    29 Oct 2012
    You could try using the other method, of the user id number.

    Find the id with the following.
  14. avatar


    30 Oct 2012
    That worked, thanks again.
  15. avatar


    30 Oct 2012
    A big thanks!!!
  16. avatar


    20 Nov 2012
    This fixed a broken bit of code on a client's site ---WTF did Twitter change this? How irritating - I'm lucky I even stumbled across the client's webpage, otherwise I wouldn't even have been aware of this issue.
  17. avatar

    Annette With Windward

    08 Jan 2013
    Thanks - working at this moment!
  18. avatar


    08 Jan 2013
    Glad to help
  19. avatar


    31 Jan 2013
    It doesn't work now.
  20. avatar


    31 Jan 2013
    What is your twitter account name, does it have an underscore (_) in the name?
  21. avatar


    07 Mar 2013
    Hi, can you share with us the correct format to use with the 1.1 api?

    The only way I can stomach twitter is within my old, beloved snarfer rss reader. I hope there's a way to continue the twitter to rss conversion - thanks!
  22. avatar


    07 Mar 2013
    The correct format is JSON, but it's not as straight forward as the RSS feed. You will need to login in as a twitter developer at and set-up an app which will involve telling twitter your website url and other things like (OAuth Settings) Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token and Access token secret etc. See new post here - Add Twitter feed APP to Wordpress
  23. avatar

    Mr Japanese

    10 Jul 2013
    Twitter is effective to create a following. But it's hard to get people following. I think why many pages fail to take off is because the authors don't speak their audience's language.
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    22 Jul 2013
    Yes is stopped working back in March 2013. If you are using WordPress then follow the solution here for API 1.1.

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