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09 Aug

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Bootstrap 4, 3 and 2 css @media rules widths

Along with Font Awesome I nearly always use the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework for responsive website development. It allows a quicker workflow than starting from scratch.

But nearly always in a project there are needs to create custom CSS for things like different font sizes etc. So it’s always good to know what widths Bootstrap is using in its own css @media rules.

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02 Aug

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20 of the Best Web Font icons

Whether you are a developer or a designer for the web, it’s always nice to have a collection of icons to use plus ones that can implemented direct with CSS.

The advantage is they stay crisp/sharp no matter what the screen size plus you can change the size and colours easily with CSS without any image processing.

I have listed 20 of the best free fonts on the web. Hope you find them handy… I do!

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14 Sep

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Making HTML text read from right to left

I recently had to create a multilingual website, which was fine apart form the Arabic language. The text had to read from right to left. The answer was to use the direction RTL. Here is it in use.

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05 Sep

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CSS3 border-radius fix for IE6 upwards.

This blog post is a little helper to get around the infamous CSS3 Internet Explorer issue (of which there are many) that covers the CSS3 border-radious. While all of the other popular browsers have been able to use this for years, finally in 2011, IE9 had the capability.

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