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20 Sep, 2012



How to remove the Joomla Generator Meta Tag

When doing a Joomla website you may notice by default it adds the following code to the html:

<meta name="generator" content="Joomla! - Open Source Content Management" />

If you want to hide it do the following:

1. Select the index.php file in your templates folder - templates/[your_template]/index.php

2. Add the following code


You can also do this direct in admin by doing:

1. Choose Extensions->Template Manager

2. Then choose Templates to the right of Styles. When the page changes choose your template Details and Files.

3. Then below Template Master Files select Edit main page template

4. Add the following:


joomla No Site Generator

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    David Kley

    02 Mar 2016
    There is another easy alternative to doing it yourself, as this only fixes the one issue. The Joomla metadata suite plugin allows you to remove the generator tag or brand it.

    You can also remove the author tag, and add in additional metadata items for your social profiles including OpenGraph image data.

    Download for free here:

    Hope this helps.

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