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13 Dec

laravel token mismatch exception

Redirect Laravel Token Mismatch Exception error page

laravel TokenMismatchException screen

Every Laravel 5.2 and Laravel 5.4 (UPDATE) developer has at some point seen the above default grey ‘TokenMismatchException error page’, which is usually caused when a protected page (which the user needs to be logged in to view) has not been refreshed for a long time and the users login session has timed-out. So the best option is to make the url redirect instead of showing this error message

NOTE: There is a slight difference between laravel 5.2 and 5.4 so I have included both versions of the code – $e and $exception.

So have you been wondering if there is anyway to customise the page or redirect to the default login/home page? Well it’s actually fairly easy to sort with a few changes to some of the default setting and files.

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07 Jun

mac desktop icon grafxflow

Could not load Date & Time preference pane

I recently transferred my old Macbook Pro content to my new Macbook Pro using Time Machine transfer. All the data went across fine but one thing I noticed was the date and time was out by an hour. Then when trying to change the settings in System Preferences -> Date & Time I would get the following popup with the message ‘Could Not load Date & Time preference pane‘. After many hours of searching I found the answer… or at least it worked for me.

Mac OS Issue

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06 Mar

jquery icon grafxflow

jQuery Can’t find variable: $ error on iPad FIX

I had been testing a website on an iPad and started getting the error message:

Can’t find variable: $

This was strange since I had tested the website on all the popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) on my laptop and it was working just fine. So what was causing the iPad to show this error and functionality issue?

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05 Mar

wordpress icon grafxflow

Import CSV into WP-eshop Magento error

I recently updated some CSV files in Excel (on my mac) then tried to import the CSV files into WordPress eshop, but I kept getting back error messages. Plus I also had the same issue with a different CSV file in Magento.

I presumed that when saving the file using the Mac version of Excel, it was changing something in the CSV file format which was causing the error. Anyway I found a very easy solution!

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