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16 Jul

WP Comment Stats plugin

WP Comment Stats plugin

The ‘WP Comments Stats‘ WordPress Plugin can be viewed here https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-comment-stats/. It is based on the original plugin ‘Comment Stats‘ found at https://wordpress.org/plugins/comment-stats/ with a few more elements added.

It shows detailed stats of your WordPress comments based (read the full listing) plus it has also been tested in WordPress Version 4.2.2 so it should also work with Version 3.5.

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06 Aug

wordpress icon grafxflow

Navigation item stays highlighted when tag or category selected

I recently had a problem relating to the main menu with a WordPress site which used the e-shop plugin. The main navigation menu had three buttons – ‘Contact Us’, ‘Useful Links’ and ‘Shop’. I wanted the ‘Shop’ button to stay highlighted even when the user selected a Shop Category or Shop Tag.

Here is the scenario:

I have a shop with sells several cloths items. The categories would be ‘t-shirts‘ and ‘shorts‘. The tags would be the ‘brands‘, ‘colours‘ and ‘sizes‘. When choosing the ‘Shop’ button it takes me to a landing page which shows the top 10 items. Now when choosing a Shop Category it takes me to a page listing all the items for that category. If I then choose a Shop Tag it shows a page listing all the products that use that tag. So how did I make the Shop button stay highlighted all the time?

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11 Mar

twitter icon grafxflow

Add Twitter Feed App to WordPress

Due to Twitter stopping their RSS feed I had to go down the Twitter API route. So here is how to set up a Twitter App and output the JSON feed into WordPress using the plugin oAuth Twitter Feed for Developer.

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17 Mar

shadow catcher c4d

Shadow Catcher plugin in Cinema 4D

What does the shadow catcher plugin allow?

Here is the scenario, we have a 3D character walking across the floor while casting a shadow. We want to composite this with an image in photoshop. Using shadow catcher we can render the character and shadow (with alpha) without the floor. Very useful.

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29 Jan

green screen with keylight

Chroma screen keying with Keylight

(Update – Newer versions of After Effects have keylight already included)

Here is a tutorial covering the basics of keying using keylight in After Effects 7. If you want something that gives you the best green/blue screen keying in After Effects, then in my personal opinion keylight is it.

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