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29 Nov

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Fix html table width with CSS

Sometimes when outputting data in a table based layout you may find the size and width differ depending on the content, so to fix the tables and all the inner columns width use the below CSS.

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21 Nov

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Should we be using CodeIgniter?

For me as a freelancer I would answer the question ‘Should we be using CodeIgniter?‘ and say ‘its dependent on the individual project at hand‘ or when I walk into a studio ‘it depends on whats already been done!‘. But either way, no php developer can deny the demand for MVC (Model View Controller) frameworks has gone up considerably, especially in the freelance world.

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07 Nov

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Adding an email template for apple mac mail.app

Here is how to import and use your own html template in the apple mac mail.app.

NOTE: This is based on Mac OS 10.6 so unsure about earlier versions of Mac OS.

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11 Oct

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Email template ul tags don’t work in outlook FIX

Certain versions of Outlook have issues when using the ul tag with bullet points not appearing.

So if the following was placed in an email html template, you would see nothing except the text.

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20 Sep

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How to remove the Joomla Generator Meta Tag

When doing a Joomla website you may notice by default it adds the following code to the html:

If you want to hide it do the following:

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