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03 May


Ignore .DS_store files when uploading in Dreamweaver

I am sure other developers like me when uploading websites via ‘Dreamweaver CC‘ will find there are plenty of the ‘.DS_Store‘ files uploaded as well. I am also guessing when trying to find a solution via a google search it will bring back plenty of results relating to the terminal option of deleting the files before you upload them. But there is a much easier option in ‘Dreamweaver CC’.

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30 Oct


Find and replace crashes Dreamweaver CC on Mac

I recently had an issue when running Dreamweaver CC 2015 – with it constantly crashing on my mac when trying to use its ‘Find and Replace‘. The ‘Find and Replace’ popup would not appear and the app would just crash giving me a report error message popup instead! So I looked all across the web and did everything such as deleting several files in the user folder… trying to install it from scratch. But sadly nothing worked and it still kept on crashing.

But then I tried running the app using the ‘root‘ user and it worked fine which gave me the clue where to start looking. So here is my solution.

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07 Oct

laravel logo

Installing Laravel 5.2 on Mac OS X with MAMP

Okay you would have to be living on a different planet not to be aware of the MVC framework called Laravel, but unlike other MVC’s it not a simple case of download and install. It requires the use of the Mac OS X terminal and it is fairly easy. Here is a step by step ‘how to‘ for using with MAMP.

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02 Aug

20 free fonts thumbnail

20 of the Best Web Font icons

Whether you are a developer or a designer for the web, it’s always nice to have a collection of icons to use plus ones that can implemented direct with CSS.

The advantage is they stay crisp/sharp no matter what the screen size plus you can change the size and colours easily with CSS without any image processing.

I have listed 20 of the best free fonts on the web. Hope you find them handy… I do!

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15 Apr

fonts icon grafxflow

Free Alternative Web Font to Gotham and Proxima Nova

I just had a studio design a website concept visual which used the Gotham font (also similar to Proxima Nova) and to officially use it on the website as a CSS font-family it would have to be purchased from Sadly it wasn’t within the projects budget so after searching and testing several alternatives from the web I managed to find a FREE version called Montserrat.

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